Review of the UT-41 GPS, and a little about getting it to work with Kismet in BackTrack Linux

        Awhile back I was looking for a low cost GPS on to do some wardriving with. Being the cheap bastard that I am I did not want to pay more than $60 for it, and even most mouse type GPS units cost more than that. Unfortunately, NewEggs cheapest one was out of stock so I kept looking around. Eventually I found the UT-41 GP

The Joys of Skiddy Baiting

        Skiddy Baiting (script kiddy baiting) is the art of luring people with malevolent intentions into doing malevolence to themselves. Think of it as being sort of like a honey pot, but geared more towards PEV (personal entertainment value) than research.

How To Cyberstalk Potential Employers

        This article is less diabolical than its title might imply. Essentially, I want to give the reader some tips for finding more information about a potential employer than the job listing may reveal. Sometimes the job description gives all of the information you could want,

File Systems and thumb drives: Choosing between FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS to get a faster USB Flash Drive

        I use USB flash drives (also know as thumb drives and UFDs) often and was wondering how to squeeze the most performance out of them. I noticed most came formatted FAT16 (just called FAT when you use format from Windows XP's GUI) and was wondering what kind of performance boost I might get from formatting the flash media as FAT32 or NTFS.

State Hacking/Computer Security Laws

        I thought it would be a cool project to collect all of the state hacking/computer fraud laws I could find into one collapsible menu system. Just click on the plus sign to expand the state's laws. I plan to add 5 states per day while I'm on my vacation, so hopefully it won't take be long to get to all of the states. Keep in mind, I'm not a lawyer and offer no legal advice. If anyone finds any state laws I've missed please email me with the statutes number and a link so I can add them.